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The future of work in councils during and post Covid 19

Many people refer to Councils as just being about ‘Roads, Rates and Rubbish’ – it’s a very simplistic view, but how will views of councils be different in the future?  Who really knows, but CouncilJobs is thinking about the question and would like to stimulate discussion on the topic. The Covid-19 Pandemic affects councils and their staff just as seriously as the private sector, yet councils so far have not been considered in Federal or State government assistance packages, leaving many concerned for their ongoing viability. Councils across this country come in many sizes and it may be appropriate to look at the question from this scale perspective, from the biggest - Brisbane City council supporting a population of almost one million spread over 1,367 sq. kms with a staff of 8233 through to the smallest – Sandstone council in central WA, covering a population of 116 spread over 32,714 sq. kms with a staff of 18.  Consultation with some council HR professionals reveals