Semantically Related Keyword Suggestions for Advertisers

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our website and it’s Google Search rankings (known as SEO), we’ve started working with software that can identify opportunities to improve our on-page SEO by suggesting the use of ‘semantically related keywords’. When used effectively, these ‘semantically related keywords’ can help to boost your Google search result for a particular keyword we’re targeting.

In our research, we’ve found that we rank extremely well for searches based on more general CouncilJobs keywords such as ‘Local Government job opportunities’, which means that our strongest opportunities for improvement are through more specific job searches such as ‘Civil Engineering Jobs’. As a result, we’ve decided to offer our assistance in suggesting semantically related keywords for your job posts To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve taken a sample of ten job titles advertised on CouncilJobs and generated related keywords to be used when writing a description. You can then use these keywords throughout your job description to help improve your job posts individual search rankings and consequently generate more traffic to the page.

Please note that these keyword lists have been generated from a wide range of existing content on the internet and thus not everything will be relevant to your specific job description. Feel free to use your discretion regarding which suggestions you use. Additionally, please don’t let these suggestions disrupt the readability of your job post; the Google Search algorithm considers content readability too.

To enquire further about our keyword suggestions, please contact us. Let us know your feedback on this & we’ll tackle more roles for you;

Construction Manager
project management
management skills
construction industry
bachelor degree
building and construction courses
university level
construction project manager
relevant experience
certificate iii
planning organising

Financial Accountant
chartered accountant
balance sheet
financial accountant reports
finance team
assistant accountants
accounting standards
accountancy finance
experienced financial accountant
cash flow statements
financial report
profit and loss
financial statements

Civil Engineer
structural engineering
project management
planning designing
designing structures
construction project
water supply
construction engineering
civil engineering project
engineering plans
engineers design
water resources
bachelor of engineering
professional engineering
geotechnical engineering
site engineering
engineer to join
government departments

General Manager
business unit
project management
chief executive officer
department heads
product manager
operations of the business

Compliance Officer
risk management
compliance issues
certified compliance
compliance procedures
compliance manager
financial services

Network Engineer
network skills
project management
design and implementation
routing and switching
network infrastructure
network security
information technology
computer networks
experienced network engineer
cisco certified
entry level
cisco network
network administrator
area networking
network architects
degree in computer science

Learning & Development Officer
training and development
human resources
professional development
learning and development
development implementation
training programs
line management
l&d plan
business manager
deliver training
support role

Human Resources Officer
development cipd
recruitment agencies
high level
hr activities
hr manager
public sector
hr functions
disciplinary procedures
human resource management
career development
human resources hr officer
maintaining employee records
chartered institute of personnel
health and safety

Senior Ranger
senior ranger visitor management
area manager
interpersonal skills
position reports
management and may supervise
regions response to communication
coordinate the regions response
supervise staff

Internal Auditor
audit committee
risk assessment
add value and improve
internal control
international professional
institute of internal auditors
certified internal auditor
internal auditors work
external auditors
evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management control and governance processes
corporate governance
senior internal auditors
audit engagement
audit function
internal audit plan
financial statements


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