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Semantically Related Keyword Suggestions for Advertisers

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our website and it’s Google Search rankings (known as SEO), we’ve started working with software that can identify opportunities to improve our on-page SEO by suggesting the use of ‘semantically related keywords’. When used effectively, these ‘semantically related keywords’ can help to boost your Google search result for a particular keyword we’re targeting.
In our research, we’ve found that we rank extremely well for searches based on more general CouncilJobs keywords such as ‘Local Government job opportunities’, which means that our strongest opportunities for improvement are through more specific job searches such as ‘Civil Engineering Jobs’. As a result, we’ve decided to offer our assistance in suggesting semantically related keywords for your job posts To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve taken a sample of ten job titles advertised on CouncilJobs and generated related keywords to be used when writing a description. You can then…