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Jobs in Focus - Sustainability?

In our Jobs in Focus series, CouncilJobs dives deep into new and emerging council jobs to showcase roles that are both interesting and in high demand. Here we look at the possibilities of a career in Sustainability . Driving Sustainability at Lake Macquarie Council To many, sustainability has become the talk of the town in recent years. Yet while many seem to be doing more speaking than doing, Dr. Alice Howe has been leading the charge in sustainability at Lake Macquarie City Council for many years. As the Manager of Planning and Sustainability, Dr Howe oversees everything from biodiversity initiatives, to community engagement and climate change adaptation (and everything in between). So, we caught up with Dr. Howe, to uncover their secrets to success and find out what exactly it would be like to work in picturesque Lake Macquarie. This story is another piece in our series ‘Jobs in Focus’, where we explore exciting new roles in Local Government to give our subscribers