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It's a hiring frenzy at Councils

Hiring Frenzy Underway in Australian Councils In 2018, the urgent recruitment drive that started in July 2017 by Australian and New Zealand Councils, has continued. The backlog in unfilled positions in NSW is understandable, given the end of the 12 month (and longer in many cases) hiring freeze caused by the forced amalgamations of councils. Yet the current demand for skilled professionals is nationwide and reflects the infrastructure development focus of most councils. We’re also seeing new interest from across the Tasman from New Zealand councils seeking to fill positions with the best talent they can find and help people make the move. The roles in highest demand across the board now are; Planners – to deal with unprecedented housing and commercial construction rates Engineers – to manage existing ageing infrastructure and bring new projects to life Environmental experts, from waste and sustainability to water and drainage to manage the growth in popula