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Jobs in Focus - Graduate Engineer

Earn while you learn - Councils and the Graduate Roadmap Coming out of university and into the workforce can be a challenging time. To help you get a better idea of the process of graduate recruitment and why you should consider taking on a local government role, we sat down with graduate engineers (or soon to be) Lachlan Neal and Avinash (Avi) Singh from UTS and UNSW respectively, both currently employed with the City of Ryde in suburban Sydney. In creating pathways for students to embark on fulfilling engineering careers, councils are seeking to give graduates a taste of local government work; while taking the opportunity to assess the suitability of the graduate to the role they’ve undertaken. The program allows councils to ‘try before you buy’. If they’re impressed by the work of the student, they may be invited onto the next step of the pathway - first into paid part time work while they complete their studies, then into full time work as a graduate. Speeding Pas