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Council Recruitment trends 2018

Recent Council recruitment trends Looking at the big picture of recruitment advertising occasionally uncovers interesting trends. Analysis of recruitment advertising of Australian councils by job type over the last 12 months, reveals some surprises. Councils are known to be very stable employers with low levels of attrition typically less than 10% per year on average vs more than 20% per year in the private sector. As well, many unique skillsets are sought by Councils and these can cover over 200 job categories, almost half of which are unique to the sector. Patterns of Council recruitment CouncilJobs is known for its depth of candidates in the traditionally unique roles of Engineering, Planning, Community Services, Environment and Executive Management . These are the job categories that advertisers know they can particularly rely on CouncilJobs to be able to tap into for highly experienced candidates. In our experience and operating for almost 20 years, our subscriber pro