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4 Tips for a successful Job Application

We’re often asked by new subscribers if we have any inside info on how to get a job in council. So, this post has some suggestions based on what we’ve learned from dealing with CouncilJobs advertisers and subscribers for almost 20 years. 1. You get one chance to make a good first impression and that first opportunity is always your written application. To improve applicant suitability and save recruitment time, many councils have moved to a full online application process via an online ‘Portal’, where applicants respond to a template of questions and input fields with information specific to the job being recruited and it may seem that this strict format disadvantages applicants. Some councils, particularly smaller and regional ones, still invite applicants to submit their resume along with a cover letter either by email or post.  Either way, these principles apply to both processes and you must think about how you will make your skills and experience stand out as being a good f