What You Can Do to Improve Your Application

It’s never easy to know exactly how to present yourself in an application for a Local Government role. Sure, there are experience and skill requirements, but what about the other things? What extra-curricular experiences will boost your application? What does it take to stand out among a field of qualified applicants?
Having spoken to a number of Council employees recently, we figured it’s time for us to revisit the age old question; what can I do to improve my chances in an application?
1. Make a good first impression
First things first, always keep in mind that you’re usually not the only applicant for a job vacancy. On average, we frequently see over 20 applicants for every job and quite often Councils will advertise jobs elsewhere too.
For you, that means it is critical that you get the application right. As a job seeker, you’ve probably submitted a few applications recently and you may be getting sick of doing the same thing over and over again. Yet it really is absolutely crucial t…

Jobs in Focus - Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

An Interview with Jody Wang of Cumberland Council
It’s easy to underestimate the sheer size and complexity of many council projects and initiatives that are undertaken. The public generally only see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to major projects. Yet if you look a little deeper, you’ll find layers upon layers of financial planning, compliance and strategic analysis that too often goes unseen. One of the unsung heroes of major projects at Cumberland Council is Jody Wang, who thrives in the complexity of planning and budgeting. It’s safe to say that without the crucial beneath-the-surface work that Jody does, the council wouldn’t have enjoyed the kind of planning success it has seen in recent years.
The Path So Far
Before entering the world of Local Government, Jody worked across a number of different roles and industries in the private sector. Having completed her undergraduate business degree in 2008, Jody took a job as a financial and data analyst at George Wes…

Jobs in Focus - Environmental Management

Jobs in Focus - Environmental Management Officer at Cumberland Council
Working for a Council is a unique experience. With a strong focus on community interests and a wide variety of divisions and job types, a Local Government organization is unlike anything you’ll find in the private sector.
So, we decided it’s time to discover more about what it’s like to work for a Council, straight from the source. Recently, we sat down with Tim Nguyen, an Environmental Management Officer from Cumberland Council, to understand a little bit more about the projects they’re working on and to get a few pieces of advice for job applicants.
With a population of over 200,000, Cumberland Council is one of our bigger advertising partners. Having recently been formed in 2016 as a result of three Council amalgamations, Tim and his team are determined to bring environmental awareness and sustainability to the forefront of the organizations culture. With the threat of climate change, rapid urban development and …

Jobs in Focus - Sustainability?

In our Jobs in Focus series, CouncilJobs dives deep into new and emerging council jobs to showcase roles that are both interesting and in high demand. Here we look at the possibilities of a career in Sustainability.
Driving Sustainability at Lake Macquarie Council
To many, sustainability has become the talk of the town in recent years. Yet while many seem to be doing more speaking than doing, Dr. Alice Howe has been leading the charge in sustainability at Lake Macquarie City Council for many years. As the Manager of Planning and Sustainability, Dr Howe oversees everything from biodiversity initiatives, to community engagement and climate change adaptation (and everything in between).
So, we caught up with Dr. Howe, to uncover their secrets to success and find out what exactly it would be like to work in picturesque Lake Macquarie. This story is another piece in our series ‘Jobs in Focus’, where we explore exciting new roles in Local Government to give our subscribers an insight into a ca…

It's a hiring frenzy at Councils

Hiring Frenzy Underway in Australian Councils In 2018, the urgent recruitment drive that started in July 2017 by Australian and New Zealand Councils, has continued. The backlog in unfilled positions in NSW is understandable, given the end of the 12 month (and longer in many cases) hiring freeze caused by the forced amalgamations of councils. Yet the current demand for skilled professionals is nationwide and reflects the infrastructure development focus of most councils. We’re also seeing new interest from across the Tasman from New Zealand councils seeking to fill positions with the best talent they can find and help people make the move. The roles in highest demand across the board now are; Planners – to deal with unprecedented housing and commercial construction ratesEngineers – to manage existing ageing infrastructure and bring new projects to lifeEnvironmental experts, from waste and sustainability to water and drainage to manage the growth in population associat…

Jobs in Focus - Graduate Engineer

Earn while you learn - Councils and the Graduate Roadmap
Coming out of university and into the workforce can be a challenging time. To help you get a better idea of the process of graduate recruitment and why you should consider taking on a local government role, we sat down with graduate engineers (or soon to be) Lachlan Neal and Avinash (Avi) Singh from UTS and UNSW respectively, both currently employed with the City of Ryde in suburban Sydney.
In creating pathways for students to embark on fulfilling engineering careers, councils are seeking to give graduates a taste of local government work; while taking the opportunity to assess the suitability of the graduate to the role they’ve undertaken.
The program allows councils to ‘try before you buy’. If they’re impressed by the work of the student, they may be invited onto the next step of the pathway - first into paid part time work while they complete their studies, then into full time work as a graduate.
Speeding Past Roadmap Checkpoin…

Jobs in Focus - Engineering

CouncilJobs recently sat down for a chat with experienced council engineer Anthony Ogle as part of a series of interviews designed to illustrate that great careers can be had in councils.

Who is Anthony Ogle?
Having worked in council roles for 37 years, Anthony is no stranger to the inner-workings of a council. Starting in 1980 as a cadet engineer at Windsor Council, his illustrious and rewarding career covers twelve different councils. His wealth of experience spans across an array of fields, such as roads, storm water, traffic, development and asset management, making him an invaluable mentor to the younger generation of council engineers. His current role is Smart City Infrastructure Projects Manager in the Civil Infrastructure and Integration Department of the City of Ryde in metropolitan Sydney, NSW.

To shine some light on councils for you, we’ve spoken to Anthony, and we’ve got the scoop on what it’s like to work within different councils, what council recruiters look for in appl…